Our purpose

Going a bit further

Our social purpose extends beyond providing high quality affordable homes. We work to make sure our business is carried out sustainably, ethically and responsibly.

We want to improve the lives of our customers and make a difference in the wider community, and we invest in activities that support these aims. We can’t always do this alone, so we work closely with partners across a number of sectors.

In 2016/17 we:

  • Employed 48 apprentices at Guinness, who range in age from 16 to 39 and who range from trade apprentices in Guinness Property to business administration apprentices in our offices. Over seven out of 10 apprenticeships become permanent Guinness employees.
  • Led a Women In Maintenance project alongside the Mears Group. We supported two female apprentices to train as ambassadors, working with schools and colleges to promote careers for women in maintenance.
  • Gave Aspire Awards to 32 customers and community organisations to fund training, equipment and community initiatives.
  • Completed our two-year partnership with homeless charity Thames Reach. We made hundreds of small grants to their service users to help them get back on track and offered them work experience and placements.
  • Helped reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty by replacing boilers in 1,024 homes, saving customers an average of £115 per year, and replacing storage heaters in 600 homes with new heaters, saving customers up to £278.21 per year.
  • Introduced three innovative products in our standard boiler specification to save energy and cut costs for customers, which will see a further £210 reduction per year on their gas bills.
  • Provided an outreach service with Mancunian Way, the anti-social behaviour reduction charity, to engage young people not currently accessing local services in Salford and West Gorton, Manchester.
  • Funded the Park Centre Food Pantry in Sheffield, which has 65 active members who use the affordable food shopping service, as well as access support for debt and other issues.
  • Co-ordinated regular donations by staff to local foodbanks.