Case study

Delivering our vision for amazing customer service

We’re working hard to shape the way we do things to help realise our vision for amazing customer service. As part of this approach, a small group of customers helped us procure our new Heat and Hot Water maintenance contractors.

Miriam, from Havant, was one customer who joined the Gas Maintenance Procurement Panel. She attended a training session and then took part in a two-day group evaluation session with members of our Procurement and Heating and Hot Water Teams. The group session was a great way for the panel to get together and collectively evaluate the bids. Customers provided useful insight, drawing upon their own experiences during the tender process.

Miriam said “I found the Gas Tender Procurement Panel an eye-opening experience. After reading the brief I was aware of most of the requirements we were to consider, but, once we got started, I became aware of the extent of the detail needed for these tenders. Having a variety of other panel members and their thoughts to consider, I think we made well-informed decisions that hopefully helped Guinness make a good choice. I would definitely do this again.”

“It’s a rewarding task working with Guinness. I think we made wellinformed decisions that hopefully helped Guinness make a good choice.”

Miriam, a Guinness customer

The new provision better leverages Guinness’s spend, reducing the number of providers from 15 to two, deliverering significant savings.

We will continue to involve customers in the procurement of key services. It’s a great way to ensure customers have a voice and contribute to making our services better for everyone.

Totnes, Devon