Welcome to The Guinness Partnership’s Annual Review for 2015/16

We’re both proud of our appointments as Chair and Chief Executive of Guinness in 2015/16. We remain committed to our vision to deliver great service, create a brilliant place to work and an organisation that is financially strong and resilient.

The year has been one of extraordinary change for the housing and care sectors. We’ve built on the strong foundations we have established in 2014/15 and taken some important steps towards the objectives we want to achieve by 2018.

More than ever, our financial strength is critical to achieving the other aspects of our vision, and to creating as many new homes as possible.

But Guinness is about more than just the physical fabric. We’re both clear that Guinness is a customer service business. It’s our job to focus on the things that matter to our customers and make sure this is a well-run business.

Our 125th anniversary year fell in 2015/16. We’re proud of our heritage and to be part of an organisation that is strong, stable and continues to work to improve people’s lives.

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Catriona Simons
Group Chief Executive

Neil Braithwaite

Our highlights of the year

Building for the future

We built 908 new homes for social or affordable rent, shared ownership and outright sale.

14% Shared ownership
61% Social or
affordable rent
25% Outright
Ocean City Place
Plymouth, Devon

Improving our homes

We invested £183m in maintaining and repairing our existing homes.

Loughborough Park

Further highlights

  • Over 100 Amazing Estates projects

    We worked with our customers to deliver improvement projects ranging from small planting projects to larger scale works.

  • Single customer service centre

    We brought our out-of-hours service in-house to provide a more efficient and accessible service to our customers.

  • Investing in our people

    We continued to develop our leaders with the third phase of our Guinness Leaders Programme.

  • £125,000 awarded to 136 of our customers

    Our Aspire Awards programme helped them achieve their potential and change their lives.

  • Over 40 apprentices employed across the organisation

    We successfully continue to recruit and develop apprentices across the business.

  • We delivered an operating surplus of £124m

    All our surplus will be reinvested as it’s important we continue to strengthen our financial performance.

We’re here to improve the lives of the people who live in our homes and use our services.

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